The winery, conceived by Luciano Ercolino for Vinosía and designed by architect Alessandro Di Blasi, built in the municipality of Paternopoli (Campania) is based on the belief that wine will remain largely linked to the territory of residence, and responds to the need to strengthen a relationship between culture wine and global environmental sustainability. This connection, linked to the growing interest in the notion of "terroir", is the central expression - according to Luciano Ercolino - of the relationship between wine and the land, so dear to Luigi Veronelli.

Wine culture, technology and sustainability.

The winery looks at the territory not only with its structure, carved into the hill, but also with the attention paid to the surrounding area, to the ancient vines and to the unique places of Irpinia. The cellar thus becomes a dynamic element of the landscape that does not disdain the use of advanced technologies for energy saving, and for the treatment of waste and CO2 emissions (saving about 60 tons of CO2 per year).

Land and Vines

Vinosìa di Luciano Ercolino manages over one hundred hectares of which more than 1/3 are owned. It has about six thousand vines per hectare of Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo, Falanghina and Coda di Volpe, Aglianico di Taurasi, Merlot and Primitivo di Manduria in Puglia, and Negramaro.

Vinosìa expresses the excellence of two very different areas: Irpinia, in Campania, is rough and characterized by mountains; Salento, in Apulia, is instead gently enclosed by the sea. The two regions are united by an ancient winemaking tradition producing wines that have fascinated the senses for millennia.




激賞南義酒 CP值 TOP 1

整個坎帕尼亞 Campania 大區,是義大利最古老的葡萄酒產區之一,在羅馬帝國興盛之前,這裡就已經擁有了數百年的釀酒歷史,這是一個擁有3000多年釀酒歷史的古老產區。而伊皮尼亞 Irpinia 地區(Avellino省),就像這王冠上的明珠,閃閃發光,代表著坎帕尼亞大區釀酒的歷史和榮耀。伊皮尼亞(Irpinia)距離維蘇威(Monte Versuvio)火山很近, 有著獨特的風土氣候條件: 高海拔的山地、火山土與石灰石、粘土的結合,葡萄漫長的生長季,以及較大的晝夜溫差等. Irpinia 來自古拉丁語中的hirpus 狼 ,意思是“群狼之地”,歷史上這裡曾經是狼群出沒的密林。伊皮尼亞 Irpinia 地區位於亞平寧山脈南段的中心地帶,層巒疊嶂,河湖交錯. Aglianico 為南義的原生葡萄品種, 是南義種植最廣的葡萄品種之一. 南義乾燥炎熱的地中海型氣候及火山土壤,十分適合晚熟又喜愛陽光的Aglianico,釀造出擁有無花果、李子、黑色水果等豐富的水果香氣,又不失礦物土壤風格的優雅酒款。Neromora Irpinia Aglianico DOC 於10月底採收葡萄, 於法國橡木桶陳釀6個月.

Aglianico is one of the most widely planted grape varieties in south Italy. Dry and hot Mediterranean climate and volcanic soil are very suitable for the late-maturing and sun-loving Aglianico. It has rich fruit aromas such as figs, plums, and black fruits. Harvest at the end of October. Refining In French oak barriques for 6 months.

Tasting note: Ripe black fruit ̖plum, figue and vanilla on the nose, light notes of licorice and paprika with earthy notes. Dry but with tannins enveloping, good body and persistence. Velvety and smooth. 有著成熟的黑色水果李子、無花果,淡淡的甘草和辣椒辛香料氣息,帶有灌木叢, 泥土及煙燻氣息。在口中有如天鵝絨般柔順圓潤.

葡萄品種 Grape variety: Aglianico

陳年潛力 Aging potential: 5 years. 適飲温度 Service temperature:15-18 ° C

酒精濃度 13.5%vol 750ml

"Fontana Della Loggia"



Grape variety: Falanghina

Area: Fontanarosa

Vineyards: Espalier with guyot pruning - 5,000 vines per hectare.

Harvest: First ten days of October

Vinification: Soft pressing, maceration for about 12 hours at a controlled temperature (8 ° C-10 ° C). Pressing, clarification of the must. Fermentation with selected yeasts at a controlled temperature.

Aging: In steel for about 2 months on its fine lees

Sensory notes: Hints of citrus, lime, grapefruit and kiwi and a soft hint of flowers, jasmine in particular, create a complex and persistent bouquet. Intense minerality on the palate, medium persistence.

Pairing: Interesting in combinations with fish, perfect for raw seafood.

Serving temperature: 8 ° C - 9 ° C

Aging: 2 - 3 years




南義的 Barolo 令人驚豔的南義之王

Taurasi 是義大利南部的著名 DOCG紅葡萄酒產區,位於Campania 坎帕尼亞大區,有南義的 Barolo美名。Taurasi DOCG 地塊靠近維蘇威火山, 曾被火山的噴發威脅,因其黏土火山灰岩質的土壤,造就了其葡萄風味與眾不同. Taurasi 葡萄酒必須使用Aglianico葡萄釀造而成,需陳年3年以上(其中木桶陳釀須至少1年以上)才能上市銷售。飽滿酒體, 集高單寧、高酸度於一身,帶有黑色水果香氣、香料、巧克力、雪松香氣、煙皮革森林野味氣息, 單寧細膩優雅,是一種豐滿、濃郁、個性十足的高質葡萄酒. 酒體飽滿有力、結構紮實,率性奔放, 並具較長的陳年能力. Santandrea Taurasi DOCG 於10月底 /11月初手工採收葡萄.

Hand harvest at the end of October / beginning of November. Vinification: Maceration for about 15 days. Fermentation with selected yeasts at controlled temperature and malolactic carried out completely. Aging: 70% first passage French oak barriques for about 14 months. Refinement in the bottle for at least 20 months.

Tasting notes: Intense bouquet of jam , leather , earthy notes and hints of spices such as nutmeg. On the palate black pepper, mushrooms and notes of tea. Rich, enveloping with round tannins. 葡萄品種 Grape variety : Aglianico 14%vol 750ml 適飲溫度 Serving temperature: 18 ~20 ° C 陳年潛力 Aging potential: 1- 8 years

禁止酒駕 酒後不開車 安全有保障