Fina Vini is a young winery that expresses the unique characteristics of the Sicilian terroir.

Our territory is sunny and caressed by the winds, the sea gives sapidity to our land, and what is born from this has a charming taste and a strong character.

Here, where multi-cultural dominations have met and merged over the centuries, in an Arabic-Sicilian baglio, Fina family produces wines that taste of passion. The grapes, fruits of this blessed land, are skillfully elevated to wine, thanks to the professionalism of Fina family who, with love and dedication, takes care of the vineyards.

With the aim to get the best from the surrounding area, Fina family has created an efficient and modern winery, transferring all their passion to the rational organization of spaces and processes, in order to obtain the optimal performance of the processing of the grapes, in the maximum respect of the integrity of the fruit. We will be happy to welcome you at our winery. It will be a nice chance for you to appreciate the emotions we feel for our work, you will be enchanted by the beauty of our territory and our vineyards, and you will enjoy the unique characteristics of our wines.


Coming together is begging, keeping together is progress, working together is success

“Character” is the password of Bruno Fina and his family. Fina’s wines are the result of a land that is loved and fought for, they have the taste of the passion and of that grapes that have been wisely turned into wine, thanks to the dedication of the work in the vineyard.

They have the familiar warmth and the experience of who has always done wine and has always know how to narrate it. This is how you transmit the hereditary character of the territory and the harmony of the men that search for excellence on a daily basis.

Those are the fundamental element of Fina’s winery and for this reason Bruno considers his wines as part of his family. Aiming to get the best from the surrounding territory Bruno Fina’s winery has a modern and efficient structure transferring all the passion in rational organization of spaces and processes, in the maximum respect for the integrity of the grapes.


In Sicily the Greeks and the Phoenicians, especially on the west coast, started the cultivation of the grapes. Today from our winery our can look at that same coast: Marsala, a paradise surrounded by the Egadi Islands and the Stagnone natural reserve with Mothia island in the middle.

The surrounding area hosts an incredible variety of grapes for wine production, but what really characterizes the wines is the pedoclimatic variety and the different terroir that are present in the area.

We cannot simply speak about a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot but only of a Sicilian Cabernet Sauvignon or a Sicilian Merlot. The same goes for our Kikè, the Sicilian Traminer.

The history that links this Sicilian winery to its territory is unique and with the knowledge that producing wine in this environmental contest is a responsibility but also it’s also reason for pride.

Fina’s vineyards are mainly located on the mill where the new winery and the structure for eno-turism were built. The vineyards are in good part made of autochthonous vineyards like the Grillo, the Nero d’Avola and the Perricone for which Bruno continues to search for original clones to give again to his wines the antique and “original” character.

Reason of pride are without doubt the winemaking department, that allows to work on the grapes preserving the integrity of the fruit, and the barrel chamber, with a total capacity of approximately 50000 litres between barriques and big barrels. In this area the temperature and humidity are kept constantly on ideal values.

The packaging department is now hosted in a dedicated area where the new bottling monobloc and the innovative microfiltration system, that allows the winery to proceed with bottling wines that haven’t had stressful fining and filtration processes.

The storage and bottle-fining department is in a controlled environment.

Fina winery has the ISO14001 certification. The production is certified biological IGT.

White grapes varieties:

Locals: Grillo, Zibibbo or Moscato di Alessandria

Internationals: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer, and Viognier

Red grapes varieties

Locals: Nero d’Avola, Pericone

Internationals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Syrah



聖誕新年節慶送禮首選TOP 1

酒莊: FINA Winery in Western Sicily between Marsala and Erice 產區: 義大利西西里島西邊

Miral Grillo is a savoury white wine. It’s a wine that recalls the Sicilian terroir, the summer breezes and Sicilian citrus fruits. Match with all kinds of seafood: Fish, shellfish, fresh cheese, salami, ham, eggs, risotto, pasta with light sauces, chicken, or a simple light salad.

Grillo 為西西里島的原生葡萄品種, 8月中採收葡萄. 剛入口可感受到西西里島的海風及礦物氣息在圍繞,尾韻帶著優雅蜜香味, 非常特別且十分討喜的白酒. 適合與各式海鮮料理搭配, 開胃菜,輕食沙拉,風乾肉起司盤,白肉類料理,義大利麵或燉飯等.

葡萄品種 Grape variety: Grillo 100%

適飲温度 Service temperature: 10~12° C

酒精濃度 13% vol 750ml




聖誕新年節慶送禮首選TOP 1

酒莊: FINA Winery in Western Sicily between Marsala and Erice 產區: 義大利西西里島西邊

Miral Nero d'Avola red wine has intense ruby red color with violet hues. Complex taste of dried red fruits and berries. Velvety taste, nicely structured , long lasting.

Nero d'Avola 為西西里島的原生葡萄品種, 有一個美名叫 ‘’陸地上的黑珍珠’’ ,堪稱西西里葡萄品種界的王子.西西里島夏乾熱冬溫暖的地中海氣候最適合其生長,孕育出完美的成熟度.酒體呈紫紅寶石色,散發著黑色莓果如: 李子, 黑櫻桃, 黑莓香氣及香料氣息。酒體如syrah厚實飽滿且酸度適中,單寧明顯且細緻,口感豐富帶有層次, 韻味悠長獨特迷人.

葡萄品種 Grape variety: Nero d'Avola 100 %

適飲温度 Service temperature: 18~20° C

酒精濃度 13% vol 750ml




TOP 1 on Vivino !

酒莊: FINA Winery in Western Sicily between Marsala and Erice

產區: 義大利西西里島西邊. KIKE白葡萄酒,於 8月採收葡萄,在不鏽鋼槽釀造,陳瓶6個月. 吹著陣陣西西里海風礦物氣息, 縈繞著TRAMINER葡萄品種的迷人優雅蜜香及清新水果和花香, 酸度平衡, 芳香香氣令人一再回味, 愛不釋手!

葡萄品種 Grape variety: Traminer Aromatico 90% - Sauvignon Blanc 10%.

適飲温度 Service temperature: 12~15° C 酒精濃度 13,5% vol 750ml

TASTING NOTES: Straw yellow colour with golden hues. Bouquet of spices and candid fruits. Intense and round taste with notes of fruits and flowers and delicate hints of spices. Excellent as aperitif and with appetizers based on vegetables and cheese. Fish, risotto,pasta, grilled and fried fish and vegetables.

AWARDS: KIKE has been number 1 on Vivino Italy, Spain and Holland. / 94pts Luca Maroni / 90pts Decanter / 4.2 on Vivino



A Bordeaux-style wine, produced from grapes originally grown in France and producing excellent wines in Sicily. A blend of cabernet, merlot, and, in some vintages, petit verdot. VINEYARDType of wine: Red.Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot.Production area: Western Sicily.Training and pruning systems: Controspalliera, guyot-pruning system. Altitude: 300/450 mt. a.s.l.Vines per ha: 5000 - 5500.Yield per ha: 50 ql.Harvest period: August-September. VINIFICATIONFermentation: Stainless steel.Refinement: Stainless steel, 24 months in barrique. Alcohol: 14% vol. TASTING NOTESIntense, balanced, with elegant and savoury tannins. Long lasting finish. Complex taste, structured. Rich but balanced, powerful and juicy but not heavy at all. FOOD TIPS Venison, lamb, orange duck, and other structured red meats. Serving temperature: 16-20°C




Its name comes from the Arabic and means ‘the wonderful’. It’s a late harvest wine from Grillo grapes. Grapes are rigorously hand-harvested when they have dried on the vine, in the first days of October. This wine was born by chance in 2003, thanks to a very hot summer that made the grapes intensely ripe.VINEYARD Type of wine: Naturally sweet white.Grape variety: Grillo 100%.Production area: Western Sicily.Training and pruning systems: Controspalliera, guyot-pruning system. Altitude: 200 mt a.s.l.Vines per ha: 5500.Yield per ha: 40 ql.Harvest period: End of September.VINIFICATIONFermentation: Stainless steel.Refinement: Stainless steel, 6 months in bottle. Alcohol: 14% vol.TASTING NOTESStraw-yellow color with golden hues. Perfumes and sweet scents which impress for their variety and reminiscence of white fruits such as pineapple, peach and apricot, and even vanilla, honey and sweet spices, with enveloping and harmonious scents and aromas.It denotes an important freshness that promises a long and complex evolution over time.FOOD TIPSCheese with herbs, gorgonzola, pastry with cream, mousse, bavarois, savarin. Serving temperature: 12°C
禁止酒駕 酒後不開車 安全有保障