Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva

PRODUCTION AREA Municipality of Mezzane di Sotto - Monti Garbi District (Verona).

TYPE OF SOIL White with dominant skeletal limestone, with a silty-sand fraction.


GRAPES Corvina and Corvinone 70% - Rondinella 20% - Croatina 5% - Oseleta 5%.

AGES OF VINES 40 years.

TRAINING SYSTEM Veronese Pergola.

VINE DENSITY 3,300 vines per ha. YIELD 70 q ha.

VINIFICATION In new open 500-litre casks of French oak. Harvest: double hand selection in trays. Pressing: only first-pressing must without pressing.

Raisining: 3 months.

Fermentation: natural alcoholic with hand punching-down for about 20/25 days in wooden barrels. Malolactic fermentation: natural in 500 litre casks. Bâtonnage: once a week for the first year. Stabilization: natural.

AGEING 3 years in new Bordeaux barrels of which the staves are dried in the open for over 36 months. A further period of at least 4 years in a bottle is necessary before being sold.

QUANTITY PRODUCED 4,000 bottles.

ORGANOLEPTIC EXAMINATION Inky ruby red, clear and consistent, its aroma is very intense, full and fine. Balsamic, almost iodine notes can be appreciated immediately, conveyed by the notable alcoholic strength. These then give way to the characteristic aroma of ripe cherries, plums, small woodland berries; spicy aroma of star anise, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, vanilla and ginger. Tertiary aromas of cocoa, chocolate, goudron, almond, toasted hazelnuts and pipe tobacco. On the palate it is certainly dry, warm and soft, well supported by a notable acidity, richness of flavour and rounded tannin content. Very persistent and fine balance. Certainly ready, a wine with strong shoulders that can stand the test of time.

ALCOHOL 16% Vol.

ACIDITY 5,8 g/l.


PAIRING Charcoal-grilled red meats, roast beef, braised meat, sliced beef or foal, roasts with tasty sauces, furred and feathered game, hard and mature cheeses.


AGEING POTENTIAL 20 -15 years.

This wine is produced only in years with favourable climate conditions.