VINE • Corvina Veronese, Lagrein, Rondinella

PRODUCTION AREA • San Benedetto di Lugana, the grapes come from vineyards in the most suitable hilly areas. The harvest and selection of the grapes are done strictly by hand, in small 4 kg. cases.

PLANTING LAYOUT AND YIELD • Spurred cordon (2.30 metres x 0.80 metres), yield around 9,000 kg. of grapes per hectare, equivalent to 5,700 of wine or 63%.

HARVEST PERIOD • Third decade of September, beginning October.

FINING AND FERMENTATION • Destemming by oscillation, following a strict protocol of vinification: after maceration for about 10-12 hours at a controlled temperature of around 8°/10°, a must is obtained by natural draining, with the light pink colour of an onion skin; it is then fermented for 14/18 days at a temperature of 18°. At the end of fermentation, the wine is removed from the lees to avoid malolactic fermentation.

COLOUR • Light pink, onion-like skin.

NOSE • Enveloping with hints of white peach, a pleasurable development and good mineral sensations.

PALATE • A wine of remarkable fineness and character. Supported by a fine acidity. The taste buds find satisfaction in the continuity and balance.

FOOD • Freshwater and marine fish, white meats, light, summer dishes in general. Also excellent as an aperitif.